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Wider curriculum and creative projects

We thank for allowing us to host their resources on our website during the lockdown period.

Hi all,

This is a space for you to explore being creative while you are at home. We will be suggesting topic related activities and artwork, but if you've done something as part of a village effort or just for enjoyment then send those to our blog as well!

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wb 6.7.2020


This week we will be thinking about 'Staying Safe with Electricity'

Can you go on a  hunt around your home and find 10 different things that use electricity to power them?

You could also keep your eyes peeled when you are out and about and see what kind of electrical things you can spot in your village. You might find them in really peculiar places!


Your next step is to think carefully about how to stay safe around electricity; the do dos, and the don't dos cheeky


Remember when we did 'ECO WEEK'? We were thinking about ways to help sustain our planet. Research different sources of renewable energy. Check out our 'Wind Power' powerpoint and see if you can make you own pinwheel for in the garden !

ART and DT

Design and make your own super duper paper airplane.

Fly it like Amelia Earhart and become an aviation apprentice! Have a competition with your family to see whose plane can fly furthest? Post your results on our blog!

Week beginning 29.06.2020


This week we are going to be thinking about the lives of significant individuals in the past who have contributed to national and international achievements. 

We'd like you to choose one of the following people to research:

Buzz Aldrin 

Neil Armstrong

Amelia Earhart


Below are lots of activities and pages you could use to help you with your research.


'To infinity... and beyond !' 

Week Beginning 22.6.2020





Learn the song (link below) and think of your own body percussion for it. You could clap the pulse on your hands, legs, arms etc or make your own percussion instruments.





We would like you to look at the technology you have around your homes.


Using the subheadings below make a list of different items you can find that:


You use to retrieve information from the internet


Work using electricity


Can be charged


Need batteries



Week beginning 15.06.2020

This week we want you to dive into our space information and become experts just like the experts we are going to be looking at over the next couple of weeks.

Read through our shooting stars space information packs and decide what you would want to take with you in your rocket.

There are also some space puppet templates you could use to act out the stories you are writing in English.

We can't wait to see your ideas laugh


Week Beginning 08.06.2020


Art and Design 


Building a Rocket


In one of our favourite videos Wallace and Gromit build a rocket to get to the Moon in search of cheese!


Link for the video: A Grand Day Out: 

We suggest you watch this video as this week we want you to design and make your very own junk model ROCKET. Watch the video carefully as Wallace and Gromit will help you with the design! They show the different steps to making a rocket, such as planning, designing, gathering resources and making! 


TOP TIP: Before planning your rocket in your home learning book, make sure you research 'parts of a rocket' so it looks as real as possible! 






Week beginning 1.6.2020.

Our new topic is 'Off we go!'

We will be looking at space, aliens and the planets as well as famous historical figures and events. At the end of this half term we will be thinking about where we're going next and moving on smiley

This week we will be thinking about space generally.

Why not kick start your new topic with an 'Intergalactic Feast' ?

Post all your pictures and work on our blog. We're back at school but really miss you and are exciting about seeing what you've been up to.



'Off we go!'

week beginning 25.5.2020


The wider curriculum


As our theme this week is 'beans' and our text is 'Jack and the beanstalk' we would like you to do some science and get a bit creative too!




Why not have a go at growing some broad or runner beans of your own.  You could grow them in soil or in a glass jar. Watch the Youtube video 'How to grow a bean plant in a jar-The Dad lab or 'How to grow broad beans' for lots of information and ideas.


Once you have grown some beans you could have a go at a plant experiment!

Keep one bean in a dark place, and one in a cold place and don't forget to water them. Keep two bean plants on you window sill but only water one of them.  Label all your plants so you don't forget which one does not have water.

Keep a bean picture diary of what your plants look like each day.  Can you label the different parts of your bean?  How are the plants growing?  What does this tell you about what plants need to grow and stay healthy?

Use this clip to help you with your experiment:


Getting creative!


This week we would like you to explore your outside area and make a picture using an assortment of things you find.  These could be, for example, beans, seeds, stones, pieces of wood, plant pots, a watering can, soil, feathers, ribbons, tree branches, leaves or wood bark.  Make a frame for your picture using sticks.  Don't forget to take a picture and put it in your book or on our school blog!

some outside arty ideas

Week beginning 18.5.2020


Time to get creative and explore science too!


Getting arty!

We have given you a bee book to make so we would like you to get creative and make a fantastic front cover.  Go on Youtube and with an adult search for 'how to draw a realistic bee' for a super art lesson.

How about some Honey Bee Biscuits.  Get creative making them after watching the Youtube video 'How to bake Honey Bee Biscuits - Cathryn Dresser step by step guide'.  We have put the recipe and method below for you.



Honey Bee Biscuits

Super Science

This week in science we are going to explore food chains.  We want you to look at the powerpoint and discuss it with an adult.  What kind of food do all food chains begin with?  Can you make some food chains of your own using the information below?  Why not make paper chain food chains and hang them up round your garden.  Have fun!!!

Week Beginning 11.05.2020

Science/ Art: 


Art:Draw....paint....collage (whatever you want to do to be creative) the below animalssmiley (Lion, Penguin, Guinea Pig and Fox)


Guinea pig



Science: Can  you sort the animals based on what they eat? Key vocabulary you should use are: carnivore, omnivore, herbivore. If you’re unsure you could ask an adult to help you use the internet and find out.


Extension: Can you write a sentence using the word 'because' EG A fox is a .......... because it eats............yes


Week beginning 04.05.2020


We are so excited to see the habitat work you have been getting busy with. There are so many possibilities!

This week in Science we would like you to look at the different habitat pictures we have found and label the many different plants and animals you can see in each habitat. (It's a bit like a Science version of 'I spy'.)

In Art and DT this week we want you to get busy making some friends for the St Denys Golden Bee ! Can you use your recycling to design, build and decorate your own bee. Pay special attention to the different body parts and colours. You can use the clips on our English page to help you wink

Bees and Plants

Week beginning 27.04.2020


This week are starting our new topic, 'Bee and Plants'. There is an attachment below showing the sorts of things we will be aiming to cover over the next few weeks. We will still be posting activities we expect you to do on a weekly basis however if there's something linked to our topics that you would like to do then of course do it and show us what you've been up to !


This first week we would like you to choose a habitat to research e.g. rockpools, woodlands, gardens, deserts, ponds, under a log, rainforests. Which plants and animals live there? Can you find any interesting facts? You can present what you have found any way you choose but DON'T FORGET to post it to our blog so your teacher can see what you've been up to! You could also go on a mini beast habitat hunt when you are on a walk ! Send us your pictures of what you find! Have fun laugh

Week beginning 20.04.2020


We're really looking forward to seeing pictures of your fire engines from last week. This week we'll be thinking more about what life was like on Pudding Lane and the structure and design of the houses. Have a look at the power point below for more information. Your creative challenge this week is to make your own Tudor House! You can also click on the external link to a Great Fire of London information game. Remember to work with an adult when using the internet and always talk to someone if you are unsure of what you've read or seen. Good luck, have fun and send lots of pictures to our blog !

Week beginning 13.04.2020


This week we are starting our work on the 'Great Fire of London'. Below is a link to an excellent dramatised version of the 'Great Fire of London' that you should watch. Then your creative challenge this week is to have a go at making your own Fire Engine ! Look through the power point for historical facts and handy tips. Don't forget to SEND US YOUR PICTURES on our blog! We want to see what you're getting up to laugh

W.B. 06.04.2020


For this week we'd like to see any rainbow designs you've done.

If you've done that and fancy something new then why not have a go at one of our spring activities below ?


All the best Year 2 smiley