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Summer term topic overview

This week for RE we are thinking about, how is a baby welcomed into the Muslim religion? 




Can you remember Imran’s religion? 


The Muslim tradition is that every baby gets a special message to welcome it into the world and the Muslim religion.   

This special message is given to the baby by someone whispering the  Shahadah, the statement of Muslim faith, into a new baby’s ear.
The words are “God is most great, there is no god but Allah”



This is not the only thing that Muslim families do to welcome a baby. There are other ceremonies too that are called Aqiqah (which is the name given to a group of Islamic birth  ceremonies).  We have uploaded some information on Aqiqah for you to look at.

 Many Muslims believe that getting rid of the hair is a way of getting rid of any bad luck or trouble that the baby might 

bring into the world when s/he is born. The hair is weighed and an  equal amount of silver is given to poor people. Meat is shared too, especially with the poor.   


The baby is also named and given  something sweet and something bitter to taste to show they will have good times and  hard times in life. 


This week for RE we are thinking about 'Welcoming a baby to Christianity'.


For many Christians, it is wonderful to welcome babies into the world and into their families when they are born. Also,  Christian mums and dads often like to welcome their baby into their religious group Christianity. For many Christians, their  religious Christian group is like one huge family, and welcoming the baby into this big Christian family is a very important thing to do.  Babies are often welcomed into the Christian family by having a baptism or dedication ceremony.


Take a look at the baptism certificate,  PowerPoint and photos we have uploaded.


How do we show people they are  welcome?


If you have a  younger sibling how did you feel when the baby came home?
What do people do when new babies have arrived in families that they know  (given cards? gone to visit the baby? attended a naming ceremony? given presents? etc). 

How are babies welcomed into the Christian family?



This week for RE we are thinking about being part of a group.  Here are some questions you can talk about with your family.

Who is in your family?
What are the brilliant things about being in your family? 

Are there sometimes somethings that are hard about being in a family? (eg not fighting with brother/sister, hearing the baby crying when you want to go to sleep) 
What do you have to do as part of your family? (eg  keep bedroom tidy, help take the dog for a walk) 
How do people in your family show you that they care for you?
How do you know your family love you? 
What’ similarities and differences do families have?

What other groups do we belong to? (Most Children will belong to at least 3 groups – family / school/ class – discuss what other groups eg sporting clubs/ rainbows and finally religious groups)
How do we know we belong to a group?

What groups do religious people belong to?


Here are some children who are from different religious groups.  Have you seen these religious symbols before? Do you know any other religious symbols?



Here is Tom and Tessa, they are Christians and the religious symbol is a cross.


Here is Imran, he is a Muslim and the religious symbol for Islam is a star and crescent moon.


Here is Samit he is a Hindu and the Aum is the symbol of Hinduism.




Summer 2 RE overview                      

Where do we belong?

This investigation enables pupils to think about how each person is unique and valuable and consider religious beliefs about this. It allows pupils the opportunity to think about groups to which they belong, how some people belong to religious groups  and what this means. Pupils will look at occasions marking belonging from a number of faiths, including welcoming ceremonies  from Christianity and Islam and Raksha Bandhan in  Hinduism.   


This week we would like you to look at the "We are all different" story we have uploaded and think about:

What makes us feel special?

What makes Christians feel special to God?

How you are special/ what are you good at?


You can also make a certificate to show what makes you special! We have uploaded a blank certificate you could use.


We have also uploaded a story from the Bible, the story of Jesus blessing the children from the gospel of Mark 10:13-16

Click here to watch the story:


Can you have a go at answering these questions about the story:

I wonder what was so special about Jesus that the children were brought to him?

I wonder how it feels when an adult tells you to go away

I wonder why the disciples tried to take the children away from Jesus? 
I wonder why Jesus thought children were so important? 
I wonder how it feels when an  adult spends time with  you?
I wonder how it feels when an adult is kind to you? 
I wonder how the children felt when Jesus welcomed and blessed them? 

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