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Dear parents and carers


In school your child has been learning 3 sounds a week.  

They have been taught the letter name and the sound it makes.

We also have been practising to write these letters, using the correct letter formation.


We have uploaded the sounds we have taught in class, and every week we will upload the next 3 sounds we have taught in class.


Please practise recognising and writing these sounds as well as hearing the sounds in words.  You might want to go on a sound hunt, looking for objects that start with these sounds. 




Letters and sounds that have been taught so far.

Phonics taught 2.11.20

Phonics taught 9.11.20

Phonics taught 16.11.20

Phonics taught 23.11.20

Phonics taught 30.11.20

Phonics taught 7.12.20

Dear parents and carers


In school your child has been practising reading and writing some "tricky words".  Tricky words are words that cannot be "sounded out".  Therefore your child will be taught to " see it, say it".  

These words are in phases and we will send the next set in a few weeks.  Please spend time recognising and reading these words in books as well as writing them.  


Phase 2 Tricky words

Phase 3 Tricky words