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Parental/ Carers Feedback

Throughout the year Parents/Carers give their feedback on how their child is doing at school and we are including some of their comments below:


"Very pleased with my child's report. It was very easy to read, with the tick boxes it was easy to see where she was with her learning."


"Thank you for a lovely insight into my child's first year at school. I am very happy with how well my child has settled into school and very pleased with how far he has come on in the past year. He is always singing, adding number together, reading and writing at home."


"Really happy with my child's report and the excellent teaching skills from the Teacher and their team."


"Thanks to each and every one of you who have shaped her future and I could not be prouder to see her achievements."


"We are very happy with the report and very proud of our child. She has had such a good  first year at school and her Teachers and Teaching Assistants have been amazing as she has sometimes struggled to settle in the morning. She loves to learn and she loves school."


"He has fully enjoyed his first year at school. We cannot believe how much his confidence has grown and how much he has learnt in his first year. Thank you to all the amazing staff for doing such a fantastic job."