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Mathematics is a crucial part of your child's education at St Denys.  We strive to make mathematics fun and to encourage our children to become confident and independent mathematicians.


How do we learn mathematics?


In the Foundation Stage mathematics is integrated throughout the curriculum.  The children experience mathematics through child led, adult led and adult initiated activities.  They learn about numbers and shapes through exploration and play both inside the classroom and in the outside area.  Activities are planned so that children develop their mathematical knowledge through a wide range of fun practical experiences.


In year 1 children continue to develop their mathematical skills through well-planned fun activities.  The daily maths lesson includes opportunities for mental maths, learning number facts, problems solving and reasoning.  Strong emphasis is put on using a varied selection of practical apparatus and images to develop the children's understanding and mastery of mathematics before moving on to more formal written methods..


In year 2 children are introduced to more complex mathematical problems.  They continue to use a range of practical apparatus but also learn the more formal written methods of mathematics. They continue to learn number facts including the multiplication tables.  Reasoning, fluency with number facts  and problem solving continue to be very important elements. Activities are planned so that the children develop a deep, long-term and secure understanding of the subject. 




Making 3-D shapes from straws and Plasticine

Mathematics planning Year 1

Mathematics planning Year 2