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Keep active ! Hints and tips

We thank for allowing us to host their resources on our website during the lockdown period.

Keeping fit !


At school we've been enjoying the Joe Wicks work outs every week day at 9:00am. They are really easy to follow and are certainly keeping us fit and healthy in the hall. We recommend have a go at these, you can even post your before and after pics or have a go at making your own routines for your teacher and friends to follow !


If you're more into your dancing, then 'Go Noodle' is still free to register with and they release new dances each week to learn as well as Yoga and fitness workouts.


Imoves has also made its school lessons plans, music files and ideas section TOTALLY FREE for the duration of COVID19. It's a really useful resource website with lots and lots of ideas. There's even a Great Fire of London Dance ! You just need a grown ups email address to sign up.


Week beginning 29.06.2020


We've almost practiced all the skills we need to have a competitive team game of rounders!

CATCHING is one of the most important elements of a game of rounder as it can mean the difference between getting the opposite team OUT and WINNING  a point or not.

This week we would like to to practice catching different size objects e.g. tennis balls, footballs, bean bags, empty plastic bottles. Start by simply being 3 steps away from your partner and remember to hold you hands in the spider target position we have talk about. When you've mastered that distance take a step back each and continue in this pattern.

Trickier versions of this would be to throw your own ball and clap in between catches OR to try it one handed !

Good luck athletes !

Throwing & Catching PE & Sport Skills - How to teach the fundamentals: Kindy-Grade 2's

Our new FREE PE 'How to teach' the Throwing & Catching skills video is available, part of the video series as a practical support to the Complete Kindergarte...

This week is National Sports week! yes


Week Beginning: 22nd June 2020


'Children’s charity the Youth Sport Trust and Sky Sports have teamed up on a campaign to unite the country through sport and promote young people’s wellbeing this summer.'


You will need to register online to take part. Please have a look at the website and use the website to register: 


If you do register you will receive videos and activity cards to help them plan a series of challenges across the week for their families, neighbours or friends. 




Week beginning 15.06.2020

This week we'd like you to carry on developing the skills needed to play an excellent game of rounders!

Throwing accurately is key! Practise throwing different objects e.g. balls of different sizes and textures, bean bags, sponges, cushions... and then move onto throwing them to a target e.g. into a hoop, zone, basket, a particular paving slab.

In rounders, being able to throw accurately to a team mate is key to earning you points and getting other teams out. Once you've mastered throwing to a target, why not partner up with a member of your household to throw and catch?

You're going to be awesome! yes

Week beginning 08.06.2020


Astronauts need to get fit for space.

Why not have a go at our Astronaut Workout!

The workout includes cardio, core, balance and mindfulness exercises. You will need to work in teams or pairs to time, count and also measure each other's height:) 


Week beginning 01.06.2020

This week we would be starting learning how to play a competitive team game... ROUNDERS !

For now we would like you to work on running to and from different targets. Make sure you can look where you are going and start and stop safely. Have a look at the video for running tips yes

week beginning 18.5.2020


Getting fit and being active


This week we are continuing to encourage you to get active on walks, in the garden and indoors.  Why not play games on a wet day to exercise your brain, throw sponges at a target on a sunny day to cool you down and get physically active by running, jumping, skipping, kicking and throwing balls or making an obstacle course in your garden. We have put a fun workout below and some links to games and keeping the family fit.  Don't forget, always stretch your muscles first to warm them up before exercising. Have fun everyone!

Week Beginning 11.05.2020


Bee Dance:

Do the waggle dance:

             Can you make up your own waggle dance like the bees? Post it on our blog!


Week beginning 04.05.2020


At school this week we've been doing different kinds of obstacle courses. Why not have a go at building your own at home or in the garden? If you're on a walk you might be able to use rocks, pebbles and twigs to create a natural obstacle course! Get building and send us your inspirational and active shots !

Week beginning 27.04.2020


At school we've been keeping up with Joe Wicks and learning new dances with Go Noodle and Boogie Beebies BUT we have also started practising for Sports Day Races !

Ask your grown ups what their favourite races were at school and get practising in your gardens. We really liked the egg and spoon race and so are going to work on that one this week. Ready, steady ………. GO !!!

Sports Day then and now

Week beginning 20.04.2020


We've particularly enjoyed learning the dance to Katy Perry's 'Roar' on Go Noodle this week. Do you have a favourite dance so far? Why not send it to us on the school blog?

This week we're going to keep up with our hand - eye co-ordination by doing something a little bit different... Mini Ice Hockey ! Look at the slides for how to make your own ice rink and start league matches with your family. Have fun !

Week beginning 13.04.2020


We hope you've been having fun we the Joe Wicks work outs and Go Noddle dances. This week we want to see how you hand and eye co-ordination is coming along with a spot of BALLOON TENNIS ! Look through the pictures to see how you can adapt the game to play in your own home. 

CHALLENGE: What's the longest relay you can hit between you and a partner?