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A message to all of St Denys from Mrs Newton

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Check out our new video, a message from ALL the staff to the children.

Link to video message from the staff to the children

Welcome to our Home Learning Zone. 

This is where we will set activities for you to complete at home, together with providing the necessary support and guidance you may require.


Within this zone you will see; 


Learning Zone for each year group.  These will be updated weekly for each year group, giving you a focus and a set of activities for each week.


Video Centre where you will find videos of activities and guidance on how to approach tasks.


Class Blog which is where we will communicate with you. You can access your class blog and post questions or comments you have about the activities you are completing.  Children will also be able to use this area to communicate with each other.  We suggest uploading photos (not featuring the children) of work they have done, or of rainbows/sunshines they have made to display to the street.


In order to access the blog and start to communicate with your teacher you will require your blogging username and password which your teacher will provide.  LOG INTO BLOG BELOW   


Safety note - when anyone writes on the blog, it will be moderated by a designated member of school staff before it appears on the site.  This ensures that we allow children to communicate while keeping it as safe as is possible.





Here is a link to our school blog, a place for your child's teachers to give them weekly challenges, and for everyone to communicate.


To log in:

1) Click the link below.

2) Click on the 'menu' button in the top left hand corner.

3) Click 'login'

4) Enter your year group.

5) Enter your username as described in your letter (firstname.lastname)

6) Enter the password which has been texted to you.

Keeping Safe Using the Internet


At this time, the internet has become even more useful than it usually is - to help us to keep up with work, to give the children educational activities, to allow us to communicate with each other, and to entertain us.


However, we cannot allow our safety standards to slip.  Below is a copy of our 'esafety advice for parents' page and the home school agreement which every family signed in February.  We must not forget that the internet is a great tool, but that it is not a safe place for children to explore unsupervised.  We have 2 main messages at this time:


1) Always be present when your child accesses the internet.  We teach the children to grab an adult and show them the screen if anything doesn't seem right.  We need you to be in the room so that they can do that.


2) Do not be tempted to allow your child to use social media to communicate with each other.  We teach them in school about keeping safe on the internet, but they are too young to be able to decide what is appropriate information to share, and they are too young to understand the hurt their words could cause to others, especially when they are separated by a screen.  We have set up a school blog to allow the children to communicate an a safe way.  Everything written will be moderated by a member of school staff before it goes live on the site.  We recommend that the children make use of this to help them to keep feeling part of our school community.


Thank you for staying vigilant.