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wb 6.7.2020


In our final week of Year 2, we're giving you the chance to show off all of your writing skills !

Last week you researched a person of historical significance and thought of questions you could ask them in an interview.

THIS WEEK we want you to write a newspaper report of their most memorable event e.g. The moon landing OR Amelia Earhart's final journey.


You should aim to include ALL of our snazzy Year 2 writing tools:

> Capital letters and correct punctuation

> Adjectives (with commas if there's more than one!)

> Conjunctions (and, but, so, when, if, because)

> Contractions (can't, wouldn't, he's etc)

> Different sentence styles (statement, questions, exclamation)

> Fabulous handwriting !


Good luck! We're all really looking forward to reading them laugh

Week beginning 29.06.2020

This week we are thinking especially  about the lives of significant individuals in the past who have contributed to national and international achievements. For your topic work you are researching either; Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong OR Amelia Earhart.


Once you have completed your researching we would like to compile a 'TOP TEN FACTS' about your individual. What do you think everyone should know about this person? What have you found out about them that is really interesting? What would they be most proud of that they'd like you to share with us?


After this we would like you to put your DRAMA HATS on and become a television journalist OR your famous historical figure. Think of 5 questions you would like to ask your person to find out more about them. What could you ask to help you understand them or their work better?

You can present this in whichever way you choose e.g. script, magazine interview, studio recording etc


Good luck !

Week Beginning 22.06.2020


 This week we would like you to find out as much information as you can about an Astronaut’s Spacesuit!


We would like you to try to find the answers to the questions below:


What is a Spacesuit?


Why do Astronauts need spacesuits?


What are the parts of a Spacesuit? 


What Spacesuits are worn today?


What did the first Spacesuit look like?


You can record your findings in any way you like!


This week we are looking for conjunctions in your work. Please try to use some of the words on the poster below:) 



TOP TIP: These websites are really useful..please have a look!





Week beginning 16.06.2020

Your comic strips look great ! Well done everyone smiley

This week we'd like you to have a go at writing your own space story ! Follow the hints, tips and plans to create your own intergalactic adventure. You could even use the planets and aliens you have been designing. How exciting that would be! Why not video yourself reading your own story and become a sensation?  Look at the videos on to see how other people have done it.

Good luck !

There are also some easy, medium and hard solar system readings to try out.



Week beginning 08.06.2020




Our English book this week is... (Drum roll)   Traction Man by Mini Grey.


Last year, the year 2 children thought it was a fantastic book! If you own the book it would be great if you could read it with your grown ups. If not, don't worry, we have linked a video of the story for you to watch:


This week we would like you to design and label your very own Space Super Hero and then design your own comic strip just like in the book Traction Man. Use the pictures below to help you create a cool and fun comic strip :)


We are so excited to see what adventure your Super Hero has!


Week beginning 01.06.2020

We are going to go into deep space this half term. Before we can do any travelling we need to make our own Intergalactic Passports ! Afterwards get busy reading up on the plants and making your own planet fact cards. If you're feeling super intelligent you could even design your own planet !

Good luck Space Rangers !

week beginning 25.5.2020




This week we are thinking about beans!

We would like you to read, listen to and watch the story of 'Jack and the beanstalk' so you are really familiar with it.  You could even act it out and involve your whole family too! Look at the different characters in the story and describe them using super adjectives and verbs.  Write a letter to Jack, order the story using pictures and write your own story.

Have fun and remember, there are lots of resources below to help you.

Week beginning 18.5.2020




This week is all about making your very own book, all about bees. We want you to use pictures to make a front sheet and add the title 'All about bees'.  Inside you can do different pages about different types of bees, where bees live, honey, parts of a bee and how bees are important in our world.


For some good ideas why not have a look, with an adult at Youtube Busy Bees Scishow kids or to see how bees make honey look at Beekeeping with Maddie.


I have put some ideas below to help you.  Good luck at making your super duper bee book!


Front cover ideas



Week beginning 11.05.2020


This week it is poetry week! It is very simple... read as many poems as you can and write as many poems as you can! Just have FUN! 


Poems below are all 'Bee' related poems to inspire you! 


*Have a look at this video: Funny children's poetry in English "Eric the weary bee" (read by the author).yes *


Please make sure you post your poems on the Blog, your teachers LOVE reading Poems!



Week beginning 04.05.2020


Well done with your sentences work and your 'Bee Keeper' labelling. You are going to do really well with our new topic !


For your English skills this week we'd like you to remind yourselves of adding -er and -est to adjectives. Look through the power point and play the loop card game to refresh your memory.

In addition to this, we'd like you to watch the story, 'Are you a Bee?' using the link below. You could also watch the YouTube fact clips below to boost your bee knowledge. With your new bee knowledge we'd like you to write a diary entry. Choose which type of Bee you'd like to be. Write about the different things you have to do in your day. Draw and label your body parts to add extra flare to your diary entry.

You could show us your work as a video diary, as a typed word processing OR as a written piece. We can't wait to see what busy bees you have been! Have fun !

Week beginning 27.04.2020


This week we'd like you to remind yourselves about the different types of sentences we have learned about this year. To help with this we've got a story, 'The Tale of Two Feathers' with some questions to talk through with your grown up.


This week we are starting our new topic, 'Bees and Plants'. To begin with we'd like you to watch the online story, 'The Beeman'. You can use the link below. Then, can you draw and label the outfit and protective equipment you would need to be a Bee Keeper? You should aim to include a detailed sentence to go with each label. We can't wait to see them!


Week beginning 20.04.2020


This week we want you to use the skills you've been practising with Adam Adjective to write a detailed account of things you can see around where you live that prove it is Spring. We'd like you to go on a Spring hunt first to get brains really noticing things around you. Then you can add some adjectives to our signs of Spring ready to do some descriptive writing. There is a handwriting activity attached to make sure that when you write up your work in best you have your most controlled handwriting. Good luck ! We can't wait to find out about the signs of Spring you have around your house laugh

Week beginning 13.04.2020


This week we'll be recapping adjectives with Adam Adjective by sorting and having a go at describing some potential story settings. Remember to use capital letters and full stops just like you practised last week. Don't forget to use a comma to separate more than 1 adjective ! We can't wait to see your writing laugh

Week beginning 06.04.2020


Hi everyone !

To get us started here are a few activities, based on things we've already been doing in class. It's your favourite... CAPITAL LETTERS and full stops yes and a few handwriting tips for those historic diaries entries you might be doing each day... wink

When you've completed a task send us a message about it or take a picture and upload it onto our new school blog. Your teacher will get back to as soon as they can.


All the best !


P.S. Why not get someone to video you reading a page of your favourite book and post it to our blog! Your teacher might even post a video !