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Collective Worship

For class collective worship we use the "Out of the Box" resource


We have a special box in class that we use during collective worship, inside the box there is:


A Bible - to think about "God the Father"
A Cross - to think about "God's son Jesus"
A Candle - to think about "God the holy spirit"

Collective worship Summer 2

Theme – Creativity- beauty around us

A Christian perspective on Creation and creativity

From a Christian perspective all of life is a “gift”, entrusted by a loving creator God for a purpose.  There is a creative spirit within each person which learns to value, explore, celebrate and enjoy the world in its mystery and diversity.  With this gift comes a responsibility to ensure that creation is not spoiled, but sustained and shared by all.


  • To understand the Christian perspective of creation as God’s world
  • To encourage children to express feelings of awe and wonder at the beauty, power and mystery of the world.
  • To encourage pupils to exercise responsibility towards their environment
  • To encourage children to express their own creative instincts through the various mediums of art.