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Welcome to Willow Class



In Willow Class the people that help us are: 

Miss Milton

Mrs Binks, Mrs Rowell, Mrs Myring, Mrs Maxwell, Mrs Truman, Mrs Lewis and Mrs Lee

And Mrs Rowell, Mrs Truman, Mrs Coleman help us at dinner time. 



Our Teacher

Our Teacher 1 Miss Milton

Our teaching assistants

Our teaching assistants 1 Mrs RowellMrs MaxwellMrs MyringMrs TrumanMrsBinks

Snowy Weather


We have enjoyed playing out in the snow this week :) 




We had lots of fun watching the pantomime that came to school in December. 




We enjoyed eating our Christmas party food wearing our fabulous party hats. 




We met Santa and had a big party! 





Health Heroes

One of our school targets this year is to be more 'active'. In Willow class we are celebrating all the things we do that are active and sporting both in school and at home. This is our board. This half term Travis has bought two swimming certificates to school and we also celebrated National Sports Day. On National Sports Day we did 10 minutes of exercises. The children chose 10 different movements and we did each one for 1 minute- these included the plank, press ups, dancing and hopping. 

Ashby Statutes Fair


In September we went to Ashby Statutes Fairs and had lots of fun on the rides. We are very grateful to the Lions Club who pay for us to go to the fair every year!



Have a look at some of our work in the gallery: