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What are we learning



In English this term we are really focussing on using a good pencil grip to hold our pencil and writing using sounds we know. We are learning lots of new phonics sounds and are trying really hard to include them in our writing!

We have handwriting and phonics twice a week in year 1 and 2 to practice good pencil control and correct letter formation. We all practice dough disco twice a week to make our fingers stronger. 

In year 2 our focus is listening to sounds in words and writing them independently to form sentences.

In Year 1 our focus is listening for the initial sounds in words and then having a go with cvc words. 

In Reception we are so busy learning different sounds. We are practicing what they look like and listening for them at the start of words. 


In reading we are working on holding our books carefully and turning the pages one at a time. We talk about the pictures and tell our own stories and also look for familiar sounds so we can read the words. 


Our topic this half term is 'Bears'. We are reading 'We're going on a bear hunt' by Michael Rosen. We will also look at other bear stories we know. WE are learning bear facts, writing about our own teddy bears and lots of other exciting things. 



In maths this half term we are looking at lots of different things! We have explored number patterns, money and positional language. We have used our story to learn about over, under, behind. 





Class PE is currently on a Thursday morning. 


Year 2 are doing Tennis on a Wednesday afternoon with the sports coach.