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Topics and Timetables

Willow Class Daily Timetable

Within our timetable we have lots of time working 1:1 with an adult on our individual education plan targets. Alongside all our fabulous learning we also do Dough Disco twice a week to improve our fine motor control. The year 1 and 2 children do handwriting twice a week. Some of us do motor skills twice a week to help us with our gross motor skills such as balance and control. We also do our speech and language targets three times a week either independently or as part of a small group. 

Within the timetable we use Makaton as a teaching tool to support children who have not yet developed spoken language. 

Our yearly topics

This is our current topic list. Each year we work alongside a different year group within the mainstream school to ensure we have full and robust curriculum coverage. 
Our topic for Spring 2 will be How Many Colours in a Rainbow. We will explore colour using the Elmer stories, we will look at pattern and shape and we will learn about Easter and the importance of 'Mums'. 

ICT Curriculum Map