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At St Denys Infant School we believe that music is an important part of a child’s creative life that provides children with an alternative way to respond to feelings and the world.  It is taught throughout the school both as a discreet weekly subject linked to topic plans and cross curricular.  As music is a performing art, opportunities occur throughout the school year for both pupils and staff. Extra curricular activities include the school choir who perform to the school and audiences, and a Year 2 keyboard club.  Children have opportunities to perform in the Christmas plays, at St Denys Church and this year we started an inter class singing competition.


Singing Competition

This is held each half term and is judged by members of the school governing body.  There is a cup, shield for clear words and shield for actions that can be won by a class each half term. 

Winners of the Singing competition:


Autumn term 1 2016 - Autumn and harvest songs.

  • Trophy - Elm Class
  • Clear words shield - Chestnut Class
  • Action song shield - Holly Class


Summer term 2 2016

  • Trophy - Ash Class
  • Clear words shield - Oak Class
  • Action song shield - Maple Class

Summer term 1 2016

  • Trophy - Silver Birch Class
  • Clear words shield - Beech Class
  • Action song shield - Willow Class


Spring term 2 2016

  • Trophy - Chestnut class
  • Clear words shield - Silver Birch class
  • Action song shield - Ash class

Spring term 1 2016

  • Trophy - Beech class
  • Clear words shield - Silver Birch class
  • Action song shield - Holly class


Autumn term 2 2015

  • Trophy - Holly class
  • Clear words shield - Maple class
  • Action song shield - Willow class

Autumn term 1 2015

  • Trophy  - Elm class




Each summer we have an arts week. This is a whole week when the creative arts are taught, and recently this has been more on a theme:


June 2016 - The Olympics

June 2015 - The sea, the sky and the land.