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This half term we will be writing animal stories, animals poetry and stories with fantasy settings.


In skills lessons, we are focussing on using the suffixes ed (i.e. talked), ing (i.e. talking), er (i.e. quicker) the prefix un (i.e. unfold), plurals with s and es endings (i.e. socks and boxes).  We are also using finger spaces and ending sentences with full stops.

Here are 2 poems that we have written together.


Autumn Poem


I like to see

Leaves falling down.

I like to see

Red shiny apples.

I like to see

Leaves blowing away.

I like to see

Red leaves falling.


By Silver Birch, October 2016

Senses Poem


I see see see

A tree tree tree.

I hear hear hear

A chat chat chat.

I smell smell smell

Flowers flowers flowers.

I touch touch touch

A toy toy toy.

I taste taste taste

Beans beans beans.


This poem uses repeated words and couplets and links to our work about the Senses in Science.