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Collective Worship

Class Collective Worship is currently on a Wednesday afternoon. 

We have whole school collective worship on  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. 


For class collective worship we use the "Out of the Box" resource


We have a special box in class that we use during collective worship, inside the box there is:


A Bible - to think about "God the Father"
A Cross - to think about "God's son Jesus"
A Candle - to think about "God the holy spirit"




Collective Worship Plan

Spring 2 2019

Theme- Forgiveness and saying sorry

A Christian perspective on Forgiveness:
Forgiveness is how damaged relationships are mended. It is an act motivated by love. For Christians, Jesus’ death on the cross is the ultimate revelation of God’s all forgiving love, his sacrifice is inspiration to forgive others, no matter what cost.



· Help children understand that we all make mistakes and need forgiveness from others

· For children to know how they can make amends for their mistakes

· For Children to understand that Christians believe that God’s love is so great that forgiveness is always possible

· To explore the Easter story and the symbol of the cross as a symbol of forgiveness