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Collective Worship

For class collective worship we use the "Out of the Box" resource


We have a special box in class that we use during collective worship, inside the box there is:


A Bible - to think about "God the Father"
A Cross - to think about "God's son Jesus"
A Candle - to think about "God the holy spirit"

Assembly Timetable Autumn 1 

Theme – Courage & Being Brave

A Christian perspective on Courage

The Christian belief that God is present in every situation has led to great acts of courage – facing danger, overcoming fear, making a stand for what is right and encouraging others to persevere. Through prayer people have found the strength to be courageous.


· To understand the term courage

· For children to know who can help them to be brave and show courage, reflecting on friends, family, God and acts by people of faith

· For children to express ways in which they have been brave

· To identify acts of bravery in others local/national/international – reflecting upon Christian acts of bravery

· For children to actively help other share their fears and worries

· To understand how to show courage when dealing with bullies ( To be reflected upon again in November during anti bullying week)